Collaborations and Influences

Major influences on Rachel Rose span the years as well as the genres, from the funk of Michael Jackson to the melancholy of REM, female Motown and Blues singers from the Sixties, the powerhouse voices of Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige and Kelly Clarkson, the vocal and lyrical dexterity of Ed Sheeran, Emilie Sande, Lana Del Ray and Banks.

Ben Waters
And talking of major influences, one of her favourites on the musical planet is the incredible boogiemeister Ben Waters – described by Jools Holland as second in piano greatness only to Jerry Lee Lewis – and his band at public and private gigs, from a variety of home venues to the beautiful Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Rachel Rose never misses the chance to sing with Ben and in 2014 she got to sing with him on his album and performed with him at Ronnie Scott’s for his birthday bash.

She also guested on his Live in London album and was thrilled to have him featured his amazing piano skills on a range of songs on “It’s Time”


In other news, Rachel Rose has been busy over winter 2014/15 songwriting in new partnerships, experimenting with different musical styles and genres, and providing vocals for musical friends such as DJ Adam Cotier.


Photography by Vicky Chan

Photography by Vicky Chan


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