Time to get honest…

8 Jun

I know I have been a little quiet recently, unfortunately it is part of the journey. I can’t allow for creative headspace while everything moving at 100 miles an hour so I have to step back and let the lyrics come through. I absolutely love this part of the process, I love pouring out my life, my experiences, my loves, my heartbreaks, what I see, hear and feel into words and putting it to music for people to connect to, but it can be isolating. While I sit here writing this, it’s another day with my head down, alone, finding inspiration and some days are difficult.

BUT it is what I love. Every time I sit back and listen to what I have put together I am so excited for you all to hear it. I have to be patient in the process and not rush forward desperate to get things out before they’re ready.

Just know I am here, I am working, I am so excited for you to hear whats coming. Please keep in touch through whatever means, I miss you guys when I’m not performing as much!!! I miss performing. I couldn’t stop it completely, but there are only a few performances in the diary. Keep an eye out and come down and give me a big hug lol.




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