Pardon My Talent and…

17 May


I have been so lucky recently to have been selected to be involved in two absolutely incredible events involving amazing people!!!

Pardon my Talent was a singing competition run by the amazing people at Pardon My Blog, 10 singers were selected and went through rounds in front of a wonderful, supportive audience and 4 judges I rate very highly.

There were three rounds and I was happy enough to get through two of them. The competition was outstanding and I was so blessed to be on stage with the level of talent in the room, as well as singing in front of judges I followed and respected so highly.

The networking chance was exceptional and I feel so grateful to have been apart of it.

Next up, I was shortlisted for a sick event called Get Heard by Girls I rate, run by songwriter Carla Marie Williams (who has written for some of the biggest names… including Beyonce!). There was a panel of industry experts listening to some of the music of the women in the room and giving feedback. Although my music was not played, I learnt so much and met some utterly outstanding females.

It was easily one of the best events I have ever been to!

I really hope to be involved at more events like this.




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