Glastonbury 2015: the best gig of my life, Pharrell Williams and singing with Thomas Nicholas aka Kevin from American pie

30 Jun

So Glastonbury 2015 was just out of this world!!!!


I was there for 5 days, played 9 shows, walked 50 miles, met the coolest people and saw the most amazing and crazy things!


For example a Kazoo band…


and a woman playing three flutes…one for the mouth, one for each nostril haha!

From the minute I arrived I knew it was going to be something special. The place has so much history that you feel the minute you step on the grass. So many incredible musicians have been there, performed there and made history there and I got to be apart of its magic.


My highlights

The day it rained

Friday afternoon I took to the festival equipped with wellies ready to face the rain. Friday was the first day of the main acts so there was an incredible buzz. I played my first set in the Kasbah early afternoon then headed to chameleon for my performance at 3.15 which turned out to be my best ever gig to date. 350 odd people piled into this dance floor sized area and sang their hearts out! Not only did they sing along and dance along with the ones they knew, but they sang and danced to all of my songs too. It was one of the most magical experiences of my musical career. As a songwriter, my whole life I’ve wanted people to sing my songs and have people sing them back to me, that dream came true that day. (Videos can be found on my Facebook page)


Kevin from American Pie

I’m going to guess 80% of you have seen or heard of the American pie films. If you have you will know there is a character called Kevin. What you may not know is Kevins name is actually Thomas Nicholas, and he is an incredible musician. I stumbled across a secret gig he was playing and was blown away. So naturally I went and told him and his guitarist, Matt Kennedy, how much I had enjoyed their set. We got talking and my guitarist Dixon and I ended up helping them carry their equipment across the field to another tent where they had another gig. They were looking to play as many shows as possible whilst over here so I offered them a slot during my set. It was so much fun to be joined by Tom for an Oasis/ACDC mash up and then they played some of their own stuff too. We’ve exchanged details and intend on keeping in touch. Two incredibly, lovely talented men.


Pharrell Williams

There are so many incredible artists in this world, so many people who inspire me. This was no different at Glastonbury. The line up was incredible. But the one person who stood out more than anyone else for me, was Pharrell Williams. He was the ultimate show man; colourful, fun, interactive, humble, exciting. He got members of the audience on stage, he gave his dancers time to shine, he was respectful, and he had everybody in the crowd having the best time. I love to witness an artist like him and see exactly why he was up there on that stage in front of all of us.


I have learnt Glastonbury isn’t something you can understand unless you do, I feel blessed to have had the chance to experience it.

When I got home I was reminded by Facebook of a post I put up two years ago after watching the Glastonbury highlights on TV, it simply read “Glastonbury… Just give me a couple of years”.

I achieved it.

So, I put to you now, Glastonbury Pyramid or Other stage…just give me a year.


“Believe you can and you’re already half way there”.

One Response to “Glastonbury 2015: the best gig of my life, Pharrell Williams and singing with Thomas Nicholas aka Kevin from American pie”

  1. Michaela Channings June 30, 2015 at 4:41 pm #

    Brilliant summary of your enjoyable experience, so pleased for you, hope next time I can be in the audience! Well done, keep following your dreams. Mickey xxx

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