New music…and new Gilgamesh nights!

25 Sep

studio photo

I have been working very hard the past year writing my new album. I know you haven’t heard any new releases from me for a while but great things take time. :D. I’ve gone for a totally different sound from my first EP, one which is taking me away from the acoustic and sometimes melancholy and into a mix of soul sister, R&B,heart-breaking bluetunes and dance-on-the-table pop. I couldn’t be more happy with it and am looking forward to sharing it with you after its release – hopefully in time for Christmas!


BIG NEWS! As of the 8th October, I will be hosting a brand new live music night at Gilgamesh in Camden. Not only will I be hosting and performing as often as possible, I will be collecting up other incredible musicians to showcase their talents. I am so excited! If you want to be involved in this event and feel you have some music you want to showcase, get in touch :]




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