Venice-Private Gig 23rd-25th September

23 Oct

One of the most fast paced, eye-opening, enjoyable and inspiring weekends I have ever had. An incredible experience thanks to Ben Waters and his band.
I arrived at Gatwick Airport early so sat in a restaurant, watching the world move and writing songs.
The flight was easy and quick and although we landed in Verona early evening, it was still warm. Ben had organised for a bus to collect us from the Airport and drive us to our hotel in Venice. I was impressed; I had a lovely double room to myself and admittedly got very excited about the slippers and white fluffy bath robe :].
After a bit of socialising in the bar I decided beauty sleep was on the cards and an early start was a definite to go and explore Venice on Saturday morning. This consisted of sightseeing, Italian ice-cream and a run back to the hotel to get ready for the gig. I was at least half ready before we got the water taxi…
The use of water taxis in Venice is obviously very popular with the city being on water but for me it was like being in a scene from a film. The weather was as stunning as the scenery and the boat went slow enough for me to take it all in. The venue for the wedding party was incredible, a Venitian Palazzo and art gallery. Not only was the interior stunning there were professional jugglers there and a female saxophonist who we had the pleasure of watching rehearse.
Our set didn’t start until 11.00pm so we headed for restaurant round the corner; it was a small place and we definitely turned heads with nine tuxes and a ball gown!
We headed back to the venue and lurked around the stage getting ready to be told to go up. I hung out with the incredible vocalist Tommy Hare. He has done gigs with Ben and the band before but it was the first time I had ever heard him and I totally blown away by his gravelly, rock and roll voice and total rock star presence on stage during sound check.
After the band had done a couple of numbers to get the wedding party going, Ben introduced me onto stage. I had so much fun doing my two covers, Son of a Preacher Man and Dolly Parton’s 9-5. The feeling of being on stage with musicians that talented is a high I cannot describe. I then got to enjoy the rest of the band’s set.
By the end of the bands set I was ecstatic and exhausted. I took a water taxi back to the hotel with one of the other band members knowing that the guests were happy and a few had taken the time to tell me how much they enjoyed my performance. I was over the moon! The water taxi ride was so beautiful; helped into the taxi by an enormous security guard and travelling through Venice at night felt more like a film than it had before and I was upset to know it was nearly all over.
Sunday was an early start but I was so inspired by the weekend I had to write songs. This kept me entertained from the moment we left the hotel at 8.00am to when I arrived back home at 4.30pm.
Major thanks to Ben and the band. An amazing weekend and I hope to get the opportunity to work with them all again soon…

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