Hammersmith Apollo 12/09/2011

13 Sep

Wow! What a night at Hammersmith Apollo.
Got to my dressing room around 5ish and decided to go and watch some of the other acts sound checks before I went on for mine. Before me was Kieran Gaffney, drummer from Britain’s Got Talent, an excellent drummer and a really lovely lad. Other acts performing that evening were all Britain’s Got Talent contestants; Kevin Cruise (drag act), Michael Collings (singer/guitarist) Stavros Flatly (comedy/entertainment duo), hosted by comedians Max and Ivan all supporting Britain’s Got Talent winners Spelbound.
Just before 7.00pm, Mum and Brother went down into the audience to watch the show while I paced the halls warming up and listening to the crowd. Unfortunately, due to nerves I was a little jittery and manage to pop a button off my highwaisted shorts ten minutes before going on stage. Not good! I went on a rampage for safety pins/needle and thread and failed miserably. I tried Kevin Cruise’s dressing room, then a couple of members of Spelbound, all to no avail; until I bumped into Demetrios Demetriou, aka Daddy Stavros Flatly. He found me some safety pins and my shorts got fixed, all with around three minutes to spare.
The audience were around 5,000 people strong and I know I would have to give to them to get back.
My introduction was said and I walked on stage to a lovely applause. The audience were smiling, clapping and moving along with the music, they responded so well and I loved every single second. I worked the HUGE stage as well as I could and by the time Trey joined me on stage for the third song I was in my absolute element. I got a fantastic reaction from the crowd and big hugs awaiting me side stage when I finished.
After the show there was a “meet and greet” in the circle bar with autograph signing and pictures with the audience. Was such good fun!
One of my favourite performances to date with such an incredible team. Still in contact with some of them, and would happily support all of the acts in future.

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